Curio Shop

@ the Curio Shop specializes in handcrafted African curios which are sold at affordable prices. The African curios can be traced decades of years ago from our African hand-made talents that are being passed from one generation to another.

The store is divided into three sections.

The first section mostly contains contemporary Southern African crafts and other items ranging from beaded jewellery, grass bowls, the famous Ndebele crafts to tin lizards.

The second section consist of Central, Eastern and Western Africa such as the Kenyan Messiah, the Luba headrests,the Ghanaian / Nigerian Kente cloths, Yoluba figurines, ritual masks and so on.

The last section consist of more delicate items such as the stunning hand-painted ceramic, lamp shades, painted figures, picture frames, stone sculptures and many more. We have friendly staff at our curio shop who will assist you with packaging and shipping items that are too big or too fragile to carry when you are using an aeroplane.