@ The Boma

The Boma is a combination of food and entertainment. Unlike the ala carte style, @ the Boma we offer you the buffet-style of a meal. Prepared by professional chefs, here you are going to enjoy your three course meal consisting of our delicious starters, mouth-watering main course and desserts. Our hot meals are served from the three-footed traditional pots which are on the low-burning campfire.

The buffet meals are served with rice, pasta, African maize pap and a variety of salads. You will be treated to our chefs’ special of an African surprise dish (optional) which changes for every occasion. Whether vegetarian or not, we cater for every individual preferences. Please note that we are fully licensed to sell food and beverages.

You can relax and enjoy the cool sound of drums being played as you enjoy your meal. The sweet melodies of our beautiful singers will give you a pleasant memorable experience @ the Boma. Friday afternoons are the special Marimba and drumming sessions. You will be entertained or be part of the Marimba and drumming team as they interactively play their magical Marimba and drums. Sundays are special live jazz sessions. Enjoy your afternoons with the relaxing live jazz music @ the Boma.